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Stanwick Hall is a large Georgian grade II listed building located in the south-west corner of the village of Stanwick in Northamptonshire.

signed legislation documentation signed by James Lambe

A building which has historical significance and interest to this day

At great effort and cost, the current owners succeeded in restoring this fabulous building. They would now like you to take this journey with them and share in future discoveries at the hall.

The owners generous loaning of the parkland has allowed this incredibly exciting opportunity and given Udig the chance to train budding archaeologists and enthusiasts in the art of archaeological excavation while further expanding the history of the Hall, its grounds, and Stanwick village.

There is some limited evidence of an earlier house in the cellars and basement.

The Hall as it appears today was built in 1742-43 for James Lambe by William Smith.

In 1931 there was a major fire that gutted the building.

The restoration of Stanwick Hall was featured in the BBC’s programme Restoration Home in 2011 with a follow up programme in 2014 that can be found on the
BBC website

However these documentaries focused only on the house as we see it today.

Help us further realise the archaeological significance of the wider garden and grounds.

come and take part

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Udig: Stanwick Hall
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