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A Range of Accommodation Options

When joining us for the 2024 research excavation at Stanwick Hall, you’ll have a choice of accommodation options to suit your needs.

You can bring your own tent, caravan or RV and enjoy the charm of camping on site where there is also a fully-equipped conference room, shower and toilets. If you prefer the comfort of a hotel room, you can stay at the next door Stanwick Hotel at a subsidised rate. Alternatively, why not hire the on-site cottage? A stunning two-bedroom barn conversion with three bathrooms, two sitting rooms, a dining room and kitchen.

The wonderful Stanwick Hotel adjoins the Stanwick Hall parkland so is within an easy 2-minute walk of the site. The Stanwick Hotel is also where you’ll eat breakfast and dinner and from where you’ll collect your packed lunch each day.

Whatever, your preference, we’ve got you covered to ensure your stay is comfortable so that you can enjoy your time spent with us uncovering history.

The Stanwick Hotel

Nestled amidst the breathtaking Northamptonshire countryside, The Stanwick Hotel is a charming gem that combines the allure of a mock Tudor house with the elegance of bespoke renovations. Their dedication to excellence and unwavering commitment to guest satisfaction has earned them the prestigious TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence/Travellers’ Choice award year after year since 2013.​

As a family-run business, The Stanwick Hotel takes great pride in extending a warm and inviting welcome to all their visitors. Their highly experienced staff are there to ensure that every moment of your stay is filled with joy, leaving you with cherished memories that linger long after your visit

The Stanwick Hotel has 30 beautifully decorated rooms in a variety of layouts to suit your needs, including 9 which reside in their beautiful mock-Tudor house and you’ll have a choice of room when you book your Team Pass, selecting the hotel option.

Ready to make your reservation?

Stanwick Hall Cottage

If you’re looking to stay on site but would prefer not to camp, why not rent the cottage?

A beautiful barn conversion with two generously sized double bedrooms – both with en-suite bathrooms, two sitting rooms, a cloakroom, a dining room and kitchen. There is also a sofa bed in the sitting room for extra guests or added convenience

All this for just £850 a week.

If this sounds like it would suit your requirements, choose this option on the booking form when paying for your Team Pass.

Eager to unearth exciting discoveries?

Camping on Site

If you’d like to truly experience living as an archaeologist, why not camp on site? We have space for a number of tents as well as a limited number of caravans or RVs.

You’ll need to bring your own tent or vehicle to sleep in. However, you’ll have access to showers, toilets and a fully-equipped conference room with Wi-Fi, ensuring you won’t be totally roughing it! Just select the camping option when booking your Team Pass.

If you’re bringing a caravan or an RV, don’t forget to let us know the measurements and number plate where requested on the booking form.


Experience the thrill of archaeological discovery while camping on site, where you’ll have access to essential amenities, including showers, toilets and a fully-equipped conference room, blending adventure with comfort.


Experience the thrill of archaeology by camping on-site, allowing you to stay close to the excavation action and fully engage with the historical discoveries.

Udig: Stanwick Hall promises to be a journey of discovery and we can’t wait for you to join us.

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