Research committee


The Udig Research Committee comprises three experienced archaeologists who provide peer review and academic oversight, with a view to determine research questions to be addressed through each season of excavation.


The committee will be tasked with assessing outcomes associated with the projects’ aims and objectives, enabling constant review of the research brief.

Research Committee

Derek Roberts. BSc (Hons) ACIfA

Derek Roberts. BSc (Hons) ACIfA


An Associate of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (ACIFA), Derek is the CEO of Pre-Develop Archaeology Ltd after co-founding the company in 2009. Derek has excavated extensively throughout Britain and has experience of all periods. He is a specialist in excavation and fieldwork surveys with a BSc (Hons) degree in Archaeology from the University of Sheffield. Over the last 30 years he has carried out numerous surveys and contractual archaeological project work in various parts of the UK. Derek specialises in initial on-site excavation and survey work, providing efficient profiles which enable developers and building contractors to fulfil their archaeological requirements.

With many years spent in the construction industry Derek has the knowledge and understanding to advise clients in all aspects of development and archaeological works.

Derek provides detailed landscape reports on various aspects of archaeological investigations and historic building surveys, as well as overseeing the day-to-day running of the company.

Professor Stephen Upex. MCIfA FSA (Cambridge University)

Professor Stephen Upex. MCIfA FSA (Cambridge University)

Consultancy, Landscape Investigation and Survey, Historic Buildings Surveying, Post-Excavation Specialist, Project Manager, and a Specialist in Education and Outreach.

Prof. Stephen Upex has written on a wide variety of topics related to British landscape history and archaeology and his interests range from Roman and Saxon landscapes and archaeology to medieval open fields systems. He has directed archaeological excavations on Roman and Saxon sites in the East Midlands and contributed to several Time Team programmes for Channel Four. Recently, Stephen has written a series of landscape and archaeological reports and books on sites within the East Midlands and he is currently working on a volume for the Society of Antiquaries on Roman and Saxon landscape in northern Cambridgeshire. His most recent book on the ‘Romans in the Nene valley’ was published in 2022.

Stephen lectures at the University of Cambridge and also works a freelance archaeologist, author and consultant. He is a member of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (MCIfA) and a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries (FSA).

Dr Paul Stamper. FSA

Dr Paul Stamper. FSA

Designated Assets and Landscapes (ex. English Heritage Monuments Man and Editor of some of the current heritage legislation).

Dr Paul Stamper is a specialist in the English landscape and its buildings. After a long career with first the Victoria County History and then Historic England he set up his own consultancy in 1996, Paul Stamper Heritage Most of its work involves assessing the significance of historic buildings and landscapes, including historic parks, and the likely impact of proposed changes. The scale ranges from local barn conversions to multi-million pound development schemes, including expert witness work at Public Inquiries.

Paul has extensive experience of the listing process, and as Senior Adviser in Historic England’s Designation Department was responsible for the 44 selection guides setting out criteria and standards for listing, scheduling, the two registers (battlefields and designed landscapes), and ships and boats

He has published extensively through monographs, articles, and book reviews.

Project Staff




Carmel has a degree in Medieval Archaeology from University College London. She has over 40 years’ practical archaeological experience, notably on excavations of all periods in the Nene Valley. She and Derek Roberts have worked closely together over the last 10 years, helping to run excavations for the Middle Nene Archaeological Group. Carmel has a particular interest in community archaeology, and she enjoys sharing her skills with those who are new to archaeology.

Carmel specialises in finds processing, overseeing the entire process from the initial washing and sorting of finds to their final deposition in the county’s archaeological archive. She has expanded her interests into the field of human osteology, and is currently working on a project re-examining skeletons from excavations carried out within Northamptonshire during the 1960s and 1970s held at the Northamptonshire Archaeological Resource Centre.

lizzy middleton. BA (HONS)

lizzy middleton. BA (HONS)

senior supervisor


Lizzy graduated from Liverpool University with a BA in Ancient History and Archaeology and has been working within commercial archaeology for over 15 years and currently works as a Project Officer for the Cambridge Archaeological Unit. She has excavated extensively throughout Britain and has experience of all periods and specialises in excavation and fieldwork surveys. More recently, she helped supervise the nationally significant Must Farm in the Flag Fen Basin.

Lizzy’s experience has led to a specialist interest in prehistoric landscapes with her involvement in such projects as Must Farm and Over, helping her to realise a passion for Neolithic and Bronze Age archaeology leading to a deeper understanding of geological and environmental sequences.

Her professional career has allowed her the opportunity to work on community and student focussed ventures giving her the pleasure of seeing the enthusiasm for archaeology and history grow within students and volunteers of all ages. This has led to a passion for teaching and hope that she can inspire and motivate future archaeologists.

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